Lightera is an independent lighting design studio based in London, United Kingdom.

Founded by lighting designer Andrea Levratti (born in Italy in 1984), the studio specialises in architectural and artistic lighting. The studio works on a wide range of projects including hospitality, restaurants, bars & clubs, retail, residential, cultural & museums and landscapes. Passionate about lighting design, Andrea is an Associate IALD (International Association of Lighting Designers), Associate AIDI (Associazione Italiana Di Illuminazione) and a LEED Green Associate (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). He studied Lighting Design at the European Design Institute in Florence, Italy and spent 11 years working on residential and commercial spaces before working with Isometrix from 2017 to 2021.



Lightera founds its principles on enhancing the experience of space perception through the use of advanced technologies and state-of-the-art equipment that reduces the impact on our planet. We encourage the use of sensors to control the lighting levels which consequently reduces the CO2 emissions in our atmosphere, resulting in reduced long-term costs for the client. Our environmentally friendly designs also protect our sky through lighting techniques aimed at reducing light pollution. We design discreet and comfortable lighting atmospheres giving great importance to the finer details.


Stage I


Discovery & Concept


First contact is made to get an understanding of the project and establish the client's brief in collaboration with the design team.

We develop a conceptual lighting scheme to present to the client and design team for comment and approval.


Stage II


Schematic Design


We transform the concept into a schematic design package including preliminary drawings, sketches, details, preliminary luminaire specifications, load & control document and budget study.

We present the preliminary design package to the client and design team for tender, review and comment.


Stage III


Detailed Design


We develop our schematic information into a detailed design package which can be integrated for building and coordination. This includes final lighting layouts, integration details, load & control schedule and final luminaire specification.

This package is issued to the team for construction.


Stage IV



We assist the team on-site to ensure the installations match the design intent, the control system is commissioned and the lighting scenes are set at the right levels to generate the desired atmospheres. We apply our 'magic touch' with final adjustments and fine-tuning of the equipment.





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